Battery KIT - Model overview

Model Overview

Author / organization: Zhichao Wu / KIT

Domain: Electrical storage

Intended application: Testing of process simulations

Modelling of spatial aspects: Lumped (single device)

Model dynamics: Dynamic

Model of computation:

  • Time-continuous
  • Discrete-event

Functional representation: Implicit

Battery KIT - Input and utput

Input and Output

Input variables : Real Pbatt: Battery power setpoint, given by controller [kW]

Output variables:

  • Real SOCbatt: State of Charge of the battery [%]
  • Real Ubatt: Output voltage of the battery [V]

Battery KIT - Related Documents

Battery KIT - description

Short Description

An equivalent circuit model of a battery, including a sensor that measures the power and voltage of the battery. The battery is modelled as an equivalent circuit with OCV lookup table and four impedances connected in series. Since one single battery as defined in the model is usually not enough to provide the required power, a pack typically consists of several identical batteries connected in series.

Present use / development status

This model is a simplified prototype of the battery system for model validation and harmonization. The influence of SOH and temperature will be integrated at a later time into the model.

Battery kit

Model Details