building controller - title

Building Controller

building controller - overview

Control Function Overview

Author / organization: TAN, MA / EDF

Versions: 3

Date: 08.05.2018

Methodology: The building’s thermal and electricityr consumption are defined using synthesized data. Considering outside temperature, occupancy profiles etc., the demand profiles are allocated. Yearly distribution as well as day—night and seasonal cycles are preserved.

building controller - input and output

Input and Output

Input variables :

  • Outdoor temperature

Output variables:

  • Thermal and electricity consumption

building controller - short description

Short Description

The building's thermal and electricity consumption is controlled by the building controller. This control function is an implicit one that sets each building's consumption to the demand as calculated from the outside air temperature. It is therefore considered that at each time step, the building‘s thermal and electricity consumption is determined by the outside air temperature, and the controller attributes this value to the consumption considered by the model.

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Thermostatic control - details

Control Function Details