Collectopia (EDF) - title

Collectopia (EDF) System Configuration

Collectopia (EDF) - overview

System Configuration Overview

Author: Stephan Seidelt and Thuy-An Nguyen (EDF)

Key figures:

  • Spatial coverage 5-15 ha

Key words:

  • Long-term thermal storage
  • 4th generation district heating network
  • Greenhouse

Climate conditions:

The North of France features an oceanic climate (Cfb in the Köppen-Geiger climate classification).
Solar irradiation ranges between 800 and 1200 kWh/m²

Geographical characteristics:

District surface: 5-15 ha, northern department of France

Collectopia (EDF) - description

Short Description

In a city of the North of France, the construction of an eco-district aims at promoting the solutions for sustainable and environmental-friendly cities. The system configuration described here is derived from the project proposal. The aim is to implement an autonomous heating system, relying on the diversity of the local heating consumption and production units.

Collectopia (EDF) - details

System Configurations Details