Conversion/storage process - title

Conversion/Storage Process Component Model

Conversion/storage process - overview

Model Overview

Author / organization: S.Seidelt, D.Fehrenbach / EIFER


  • Thermal storage
  • Energy conversion device

Intended application: Optimization of the overall energy system costs

Modelling of spatial aspects: Lumped (single device)

Model dynamics: Static

Model of computation: To be used by an optimization algorithm, Hourly steps of pivot years over a long-term planning horizon (for ex. 20-40 years)

Functional representation: Explicit

Conversion/storage process - input and output

Input and Output

Input variables :

  • Real VarICAPY,P: invested capacity at period Y of a process P [MW]
  • Real VarCOMY,S: amount of commodity C produced/consumed
  • Real FOPEX: fixed operational expenditures [€/(MW*a)]
  • Real VOPEX: Variable operational expenditures [€/MWh]
  • Real CAPEX: capital expenditure [€/MWp]
  • Real IMPEX: Import/Export costs of a commodity
  • Real Lifespan: Technical Lifetime [y]
  • Real ?: discount rate [%]

Output variables:

  • Real VarCostC,Y,S,P: cost of commodity C produced/consumed by the process P at the time slice S of the period Y [M€]
  • Real Totalcosts: total costs of the overall system [M€]


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Conversion/storage process - description

Short Description

A process describes a physical element transforming one (or more) commodities into one (or more) other commodities.

  • incoming commodity flow(s): gas/heat/electricity
  • outgoing commodity flow(s): heat/electricity

Can be used as:

  • gas boiler: Gas >>> heat
  • gas CHP: Gas >>> heat & electricity
  • heat pump: heat & electricity >>> heat
  • heat storage: heat >>> heat

The models are used for the optimization of the overall energy system costs. Each model is part of the available technology portfolio within the system; those heat and electricity demand is provided by the technology portfolio (and under additional boundary conditions). The lowest possible time resolution is one hour, but daily, monthly or yearly resolution is also often used. The scale is on the district level. In this model, the battery is considered as a single lumped component, which provides a certain power or stores a defined amount of energy according to supply and demand.

Present use / development status

As a “component model”, a process in ETEEM provides the costs related to commodity transformation process under the given constraints (e.g. capacity constraints, demand needs, CO2 limitations).

Conversion/storage process

Model Details