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The goal of the task "Define Use Case" is to describe an application scenario, that defines the important actors, systems and technologies, and their interactions for performing one or more activities to achieve a certain goal. "Use Cases" tell the story of how someone or something interacts with a system to perform actions by the use of the system to achieve a goal. A good use case specification will describe the interactions that lead to either achieving or abandoning the goal. A use case may describe multiple possible interaction paths and also contains the description of handling and recovering from certain errors.

In context of system modelling, a use case describes how someone or something interacts with a system or technical component of a system, which will later be implemented as a system or component model for implementing the use case.

To define a "Use Case", please download the "Use Case Template Form" and fill it out.

For more information about how  a use case description looks like please visit the description of the Result Type "Use Case Specification". This will also provide links to some "Use Case Specification" examples, or read the SmILES deliverable on use cases linked under the "Related Documents" section at the left side of this page.

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