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This web page provides all public deliverables (i.e. written reports which are deliverables) compiled within the SmILES project. Please use the asset manager below to get metadata information about a deliverable or  to  download it. For accessing related e.g. specification documents or data-files according to the tabular listings within the deliverables please accces those via the download areas for documents and data-files.

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If you just want to explore SmILES methodology or get access to SmILES compiled simulation project results, it's maybe easier for you to use the Shared Data and Information Platform showcase (SDIP Showcase) and either explore the methodology and results of the SmILES compiled sample projects, or access all simulation, component models and the like by using the SDIP search interface. Tutorials on the methodology can also be viewed as online video compilations of our two webinars provided at our webinar web page. Furthermore, if you want just a short overview over main results of the SmILES projects, please have a look at the 2-pager leaflet descriptions of main project results at the leaflet download area.

Documents and Media

Title Size Status Downloads Create Date Modified Date  
D5.3 A comparative use-case-based analysis of the impact of local energy storages 1.9MB Approved 19115 2 Years Ago 1 Year Ago
D1.1 Project quality plan including measures of success & presentation 808KB Approved 31475 4 Years Ago 1 Year Ago
D1.2 Dissemination and Communication Plan 710KB Approved 31588 4 Years Ago 1 Year Ago
D7.5 Database for in-kind contribution 284KB Approved 31186 4 Years Ago 1 Year Ago
D6.1 First version of web portal which contains a 1st version of the Website 1.5MB Approved 31401 4 Years Ago 1 Year Ago
D4.2 Specification of objective functions 1.3MB Approved 24859 2 Years Ago 1 Year Ago
D4-1 Definition of a minimal set of component models including D4-1 attachments 3.1MB Approved 24678 2 Years Ago 1 Year Ago
D4.3 Description of optimization strategies 2.4MB Approved 22161 2 Years Ago 1 Year Ago
D4.4 Specification of the evaluation procedures 1.5MB Approved 21976 2 Years Ago 1 Year Ago
D2.4 Final Reference Description forms 4.2MB Approved 19148 2 Years Ago 1 Year Ago
D5.2 A catalogue of scenario-specific optimization approaches and results 886KB Approved 19151 2 Years Ago 1 Year Ago
D5.5 Scaling-up and replication potential for local energy storage solutions 3.6MB Approved 19752 2 Years Ago 1 Year Ago
D2.3 First reference description form 6.4MB Approved 19156 3 Years Ago 1 Year Ago
D2.1 Report on state of art of smart storage and multi-energy 4.1MB Approved 19204 3 Years Ago 1 Year Ago
D2.2 Brief description of selected system configurations 5MB Approved 19067 3 Years Ago 1 Year Ago
D3.1 Description of Use Cases 3.5MB Approved 19460 3 Years Ago 1 Year Ago
D3.2 Specification of a Controller definition format 2.1MB Approved 28603 3 Years Ago 1 Year Ago
D3.3 Specification of a common data format 6.2MB Approved 18964 3 Years Ago 1 Year Ago
D3.4 Specification of data synthesis procedures and associated sanity checks 1.4MB Approved 18902 3 Years Ago 1 Year Ago
D3.5 Definition of controllers 9.3MB Approved 19279 3 Years Ago 1 Year Ago
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