Electric bioler aggregator - title

Electric Boiler Aggregator Control Function

PI Controller - overview

Control Function Overview

Author / organization: Benedikt Leitner / AIT

Versions: 0.1

Date: 29.05.2018

Methodology: the control function describes an optimization approach

Electric bioler aggregator - input and output

Input and Output

Input variables :

  • Temperature measurements (TEStemp)
  • Power consumption (Pheating)
  • Heat discharge (Qheating)

Output variables:

  • Electric bioler heat outout setpoint (Qset)
  • Electric bioler power consumption setpoint (Qset)

PI Controller - short description

Short Description

This control function implements a complex control strategy based on an optimization approach. It is responsible for controlling electric biolers installed in a distributed manner in the district heating network. The control function therby sets the heat generation/electric power consumption of each individual bioler according to a derived schedule with the aim of increasing the self-consumtion of photovoltaic generation in the electric network. It uses predictions about future states of the system to do so.

Electric bioler aggregator - related document

Electric bioler aggregator - details

Control Function Details