ElectricHeater Component Model Implementation - title

Electric Heater Component Model Implementation

ElectricHeater Component Model implementation - overview

Electric Heater Component Model Implementation - Overview

Author / organization: Benedikt Leitner / AIT

Used Compoent model specification: Electric Heater Specification

Model of computation:

  • Time-continuous

Simulation description: the electric heater is connected to a cold source (30°C) and receives mass flow setpoints. These setpoints start at zero and rise above the nominal mass flow of the component to show its behaviour at both design and off-design situations.

Implementation tool:

  • Dymola and MATLAB/Simulink
  • AnyLogic or MATLAB/SimEvents

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ElectricHeater Component Model implementation - short description

Short Description

A model of an electric heater including a pump. The pump controls the mass flow through the heater which heats the fluid to a set temperature. The electric heater has a constant power-to-heat efficiency and a nominal heat flow rate.

Present use / development status

The model is part of AIT’s internal Modelica library for district heating and is usable for co-simulation with electric network models. The Modelica library uses the Modelica standard library and the IBPSA library as a core.

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Source Code of the Implemented Result Object

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