HeatPump Component Model implementation - title

HeatPump Component Model Implementation

HeatPump Component Model implementation - overview

HeatPump Component Model Implementation - Overview

Author / organization: Matthildi Apostolou / EDF

Used Compoent model specification: Heat Pump Specification

Model of computation: -

Simulation description: given a specific heating demand profile and a heating source available at low temperature, this test allows the sizing of a heat pump, in terms of COP and compressor’s power at every time step.
The objective function is the minimisation of the total exergy consumed.

Implementation tool:

  • Dymola and MATLAB/Simulink
  • AnyLogic or MATLAB/SimEvents

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HeatPump Component Model implementation - short description

Short Description

A model of a heat pump, with a variable COP.

Present use / development status

The model allows, by considering the 1st and 2nd thermodynamic law, the sizing of the heat pump (compressor’s power installed) and the optimisation of the temperature levels for the condenser and evaporator at each time step.

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Source Code of the Implemented Result Object

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