KIT.TC1 FlexOffice Thermal MPC

KIT.TC1 FlexOffice Thermal MPC Test CAse

KIT.TC1 FlexOffice Thermal MPC - overview

Test Case Overview

Author / organization: Alexander Engelmann / KIT

Test objective: characterization

Object Under Investigation: Deliverable D4.2 (Appendix E, page 48) defines the OF and KPIs that are to be minimized.

System configuration: FlexOffice

Use case: UC11 – Minimize heating, cooling and electrical energy consumption via Model Predictive Control

KIT.TC1 FlexOffice Thermal MPC- description

Short Description

The purpose of this test case is to characterize the effect of a Model Predictive Controller (MPC) on the thermal behaviour of the FlexOffice SC. As the controller is based on optimal control, optimization is used within the controlling process. In contrast to e.g. sizing of components, an operational optimization is performed, meaning that the optimal inputs to the system are computed. In other words, the result of the optimization is an optimal input sequence, not a specific parameter or location of a component. The question arises, how the system performance improves when using MPC. Therefore, KPIs and the objective function developed in D4.2 are evaluated to assess the controller performance. As it is hard to evaluate these values directly due to the absence of a physical meaning, the closed loop performance between a base case with no control, i.e. u=0, to the closed-loop trajectories when using MPC with different stage costs is compared.

KIT.TC1 FlexOffice Thermal MPC - details

Test Case Details