KIT.TC2 FlexOffice/SmartFab Electrical Peak Shaving- title

KIT.TC2 FlexOffice/SmartFab Electrical Peak Shaving Test Case

KIT.TC2 FlexOffice/SmartFab Electrical Peak Shaving- overview

Test Case Overview

Author / organization: Zhichao Wu, Alexander Engelmann / KIT

Test objective: Optimization

Object Under Investigation:

External electric grid

  • peak load power
  • power and energy imported and exported

Renewable generation

  • Photovoltaics power generation


  • Load of the machines

System configuration: FlexOffice/SmartFab

Use case: UC8 – Battery energy storage system for electrical peak shaving in
production scenarios

KIT.TC2 FlexOffice/SmartFab Electrical Peak Shaving - description

Short Description

The goal of this test case is to optimize the capacity size of stationary storage batteries for shaving the electrical peak demand from the grid caused by controllable and uncontrollable loads attached. The load considered within the system mainly includes the machines in the SmartFab and the electrical consumers in the FlexOffice system configuration. The peak shaving is constrained by the running production machines and the comfortable level of the office temperature. The room temperature in the office should be kept at a comfortable level at the same time. An electrical heat pump is switched on to keep the room warm when necessary. The battery is charged with the excess energy generated from photovoltaics connected in the system. The peak energy used from the external grid is supposed to be reduced by using the energy storage. However, both the regulatory ability and economics cost of the battery increase with the battery capacity size. The test objective is to find the optimum between the peak shaving capability and the cost of installing and using the battery.

KIT.TC2 FlexOffice/SmartFab Electrical Peak Shaving - details

Test Case Details