MPC controller - title

MPC Controller

MPC controller - overview

Control Function Overview

Author / organization: Alexander Engelmann / KIT

Versions: 1

Date: 18.05.2018

Methodology: The basic idea of MPC is to repeatedly compute open-Ioop optimal control sequences by solving optimal control problems (OOPS) and applying the first piece at the optimal control input. After that. the controller typically recieves new measurements, computes a new optimal control input and applies the first part of this input once more.

MPC controller - input output

Input and Output

Input variables :

  • Oudoor temperature measurments and forecast
  • Solar irradiation measurements and forecast
  • Ground Temperature measurments and forecast
  • Ground water temperature measurements and forecast
  • Electrical energy consumption measurements and forecast
  • District heating energy consumption measurements and forecast
  • Battery overall SOS

Output variables:

  • Heat pump electrical power
  • Concrete core activation system
  • Hot water butter
  • Space heating power via radiators
  • Battery power feed in/out

MPC controller - short description

Short Description

The main control loop tor the KIT Flexoffice/Factory use case is an economic Model Predictive Controller (MPC) for controlling many actors simultaneously in the electrical and thermal domain of the building/factury. Specifically, this control approaches combines functionality of many individual controllers in one (computationally complex) optimization based control scheme.

In our specific application, different MPC control schemes are used. In general the same MPC structure of the MPC controller can be used to achieve different goals by choosing an appropriate objective function.

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MPC controller - details

Control Function Details