NHN.TC1.TS1 test system model implementation - title

NHN.TC1.TS1 Test System Model Implementation

NHN.TC1.TS1 test system model implementation - overview

Test System Model Implementation Overview

Author / organization: Tue Vissing Jensen / DTU

Implemented Component Models / Implementation Tool:

Implementation Approach: Monolithic

Test Parameters of Test System Model :

  • P_import_limit: District electrical consumption bound requested from battery/EV units [kWe]
  • P_export_limit: District electrical export bound requested from heating units [kWe]
  • gamma: Scaling factor for district import and export [n.u.]

Outputs/Measured Parameters:

  • P_PCC: Measured apparent electrical import at the district electrical network point of common coupling [kWe]
  • Q_PCC: Measured heat import at the district heating network point of common coupling [kWq]
  • P_booster: Measured electrical active power consumption of district booster heater [kWe]

Initial State of Test System Model:

  • Each component is initialized to the state given in the associated dataset
  • The battery state of charge is set to 50% of nomimal energy
  • The district heating system is allowed to relax to a steady state with the heat pump turned off

Temporal Resolution:

  • The test is run at a fixed time step of 10 seconds

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NHN.TC1.TS1 test system model implementation - short description

Short Description

This test system model seeks to characterize the impact use of local flexibility has on available regulating power from a local district. The characterization concerns the Booster Heater Controller and the Electric Storage Controller in combination with the District Supervisory Controller.

All units in the system under test are connected downstream of the respective PCCs must be simulated. Under Joint UC3, the heating system provides services to the electrical system. The test targets an examination of the ability of the system to provide these services. Specific services examined are electrical import and export limitation.


NHN.TC1.TS1 test system model implementation - source code

Source Code of the Implemented Result Object

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Name: Tue Vissing Jensen / DTU

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NHN.TC1.TS1 test system model implementation - evaluation

Evaluation of System State and Test Signal

For run 1, district electrical and heat exchange follows the aggregate underlying time series for all units. In particular, electrical production from solar photovoltaics causes electrical energy to be exported in the period around 11-14.

For run 2a-e, system electrical exchange differs from run 1 mainly during the period for which local controllers are active. During these periods, electrical exchange should comply with the bound requested.