NHN.TC1.TS1 - model overview

Test System Model Overview

Author / organization: Tue Vissing Jensen / DTU

Component Models:

1- Electrical Components

  • Electrical distribution grid
  • NHN Battery
  • NHN Charging post and electric vehicle

2- Heating Components

3- Controller models

  • Local heat pump controller
  • Local battery/EV controller

Test Parameters:

  • P_import_limit
  • P_export_limit
  • gamma

Outputs/Measured Parameters:

  • P_PCC
  • Q_PCC
  • P_booster

NHN.TC1.TS1 - input


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Nordhavn (DTU) System Configuration

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Related Use Case

Joint UC3: Heat for Electricity

NHN.TC1.TS1 - description

Short Description

The aim of this test system is to characterizing service provision by power-to-heat units through supervisory controllers. This test characterizes district operation with and without Booster Heater Controller and Electric Storage Controller active, seeking to demonstrate that the local controllers respond to service requests from the aggregator controller. The system under test includes an electrical system, a district heating system and a control system.

This test applies to the generic Nordhavn NHN_001 system configuration (see deliverable D2.3, Appendix D), outlined in Figure B.1. “PCC” denotes the point of common coupling for the district to the various grids. All units connected downstream of the respective PCCs must be simulated.

The characterization concerns the Booster Heater Controller and the Electric Storage Controller in combination with the District Supervisory Controller. Under Joint UC3, the heating system provides services to the electrical system. The test targets an examination of the ability of the system to provide these services. Specific services examined are electrical import and export limitation.

The comparison is made on the electrical and heat exchange for their given PCC. The test is to be evaluated by the objective function “Trade-offs in heat for power”

The test simulates 24 hours of district operation. During these 24 hours, the heat pump controller is asked to keep the forward temperature of the connected pipe above 70ºC.

NHN.TC1.TS1 - details

Test System Model Details