NHN.TC1 - title

NHN.TC1 Test Case

NHN.TC1 - overview

Test Case Overview

Author / organization: Tue Vissing Jensen / DTU

Test objective: characterization

Object Under Investigation:

  • Booster Heater Controller
  • Electric Storage Controller
  • combination of Booster Heater and Electric Storage with the District Supervisory Controller

System configuration: Nordhavn NHN_001 system configuration

Use case: Joint UC3 - Heat for Electricity

NHN.TC1 - description

Short Description

This test seeks to characterize the impact use of local flexibility has on available regulating power from a local district. This test characterizes district operation with and without Booster Heater Controller and Electric Storage Controller active, seeking to demonstrate that the local controllers respond to service requests from the aggregator controller.

NHN.TC1 - details

Test Case Details