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SmartDorf System Configuration

SmartDorf - overview

System Configuration Overview

Author: Benedikt Pesendorfer (AIT)

Key figures:

  • Total annual electricity demand: ~ 500 [MWh/a]
  • Total annual heat demand: ~ 1200 [MWh/a]
  • Area: ~ 30000 [m²]

Key words:

  • High PV generation
  • Electric boilers
  • Coupled heat and electric networks

Climate conditions:

Climate is typical for Central Europe with its moderately warm summers and cold winters. Solar irradiation ranges between 800 and 1200 kWh/m².

Geographical characteristics:

District surface: ~3 ha

SmartDorf - description

Short Description

SmartDorf is a fictional village or part of a small town with a structure typical for the rural area of Austria. It is hosting a small number of residential homes, offices and workshops. A high share of the building stock is connected to a district heating network that is supplied by a central gas-fired boiler. Generation from rooftop photovoltaic power plants covers a significant part of the annual electric energy demand. Electric boilers are installed in the district heating network with the aim to further increase the self-consumption of photovoltaic generation at a network scale.

SmartDorf - details

System Configurations Details