Tile Input-Output-Type: Test System Model Specification

Input-Output-Type: Test System Model Specification

Test System Model Specification - description

General Description

"Test System Model Specification" defines the mapping of a test case to a specific test system, i.e., how the object under investigation is to be embedded in a specific system under test. It clarifies the relation between the object under investigation, the test objective and the test configuration. As such, a TS defines the means and methods under which a test is to be carried out and evaluated (test design).

It Provides a graphical and textual description of the specific test system and its components. Objects and functions that are not in the focus of the test are simplified to the minimum function, functional equivalent or boundary parameters necessary to execute the test. Moreover, it explain the choice of test design. This involves explaining, e.g., available test parameters, the test sequence or decision criteria. Textual or graphical description of the sequence of steps carried out during the test, including parameter ranges and variation of input parameters.