Thermostatic control - title

Thermostatic Control

Thermostatic control - overview

Control Function Overview

Author / organization: Oliver Gehrke / DTU

Versions: 0.5

Date: 30.05.2018

Methodology:The valve controller is represented as an idealized preportionaI-integral (PI) controller. i.e. without deadband or hysteresis. Practical thermostatic valves otten use mecha nieal regulators.

Thermostatic control - input output

Input and Output

Input variables :

  • Space temperature

Output variables:

  • Setpoint

Thermostatic control - Short description

Short Description

This control function describes a room or building thermostat, i.e. a function which regulates energy suppty into eg. a space heating radiator with the aim of keeping the temperature in the room or buitding consta nt at or neara desired value (setpoint).

The control function is described as having a single input and single output; i.e. buildings with multiple temperature controlled sub-velumes must either use multiple controllers, or be modelied as e singie, lumped volume.

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Thermostatic control - details

Control Function Details