Use Case UC 11 - title

UC11 – Using heat Storage to Minimize Heat Use and Provide Electrical Flexibility

Use Case UC 11 - overview

Use Case Overview

Author / organization: A. Engelmann

Date: 05/07/2017

Version No.: 1.0

Belongs to use case group (if applicable): Building Energy Management

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Short Description

The occupants of the rooms have to agree on temperature limits of the building, such that they can be used as heat storages. One possible control scheme would be Model Predictive Control (MPC). The MPC controller incorporates a state space model of the building and calculates based on the available measurements an optimal control signal. An extension would be, to incorporate weather predictions in the decision. Based on that, the controller calculates optimal control inputs for the heating system, the cooling system and the concrete core activation minimizing the consumed energy of the building. The coupling between electrical consumption and heat consumption can be optimized simultaneously by using the heating/cooling system and the electrical storage.

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Use Case Details