UC4 – Network‐optimized use of DER - title

UC4 –Network‐optimized Use of DER

UC4 – Network‐optimized use of DER - overview

Use Case Overview

Author / organization: B. Pesendorfer

Date: 14.06.2017

Version No.: 1.0

Belongs to use case group (if applicable): Multi‐energy management system

UC4 – Network‐optimized use of DER - description

Short Description

This use case describes a multi‐energy management system (M‐EMS) of a hybrid thermal‐electrical distribution network. The electrical distribution system is thereby connected to the district heating network at one or multiple points where electricity can be converted to thermal energy via power‐to-heat appliances. The operational goal is to efficiently use energy generation from DERs connected to the electrical energy distribution system. To this end, the M‐EMS operates the available power‐to‐heat and storage appliances with the goal to directly convert or store surplus energy from DERs with respect to future/predicted energy demands.

UC4 – Network‐optimized use of DER - details

Use Case Details