Title Input-Output-Type "Use Case"

Input-Output-Type: Use Case

Define your your use cases

Use Cases

The description of use cases is a generally accepted method of  documenting requirements for applications  and processes for the purpose of defining functions of systems interfaces. In this context, systems interfaces include boundaries between technical systems or subsystems as well as interactions between technical systems and humans.

Use cases are the descriptions of applications within a given system configuration that implement certain goals. A use case description details important actors, needed system components and technologies, and other requirements that that have to be implemented by these applications. Use cases tell the story of how someone or something interacts with a system to achieve a goal. A good use case will describe the interactions that lead to either achieving or abandoning the goal. A use case may describe multiple possible interaction paths. In the context of this deliverable, use cases exclusively refer to uses of an energy system, as opposed to e.g. the use of a simulation tool in order to describe said energy system.

Within this task of the methodological workflow all to be implemented use cases for a given system configuration should be defined. Therefore, the SmILES project provides a template for use case descriptions with associated help for filling out use case descriptions templates.