Heading Text: SmILES - Webinar 1 & Webinar 2

SmILES - Webinar 1 & Webinar 2

SmILES-Webinar 1

Teaser zu Webinar Video "Integration of Energy Storages"

Integration of Energy Storages – Best Practices for Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation

Energy systems increasingly connect for both operational, planning and investment evaluations. To model and understand this connection, we lack established and standardised toolchains. In this recording of our webinar, experts on energy system modelling introduce several approaches for simulating multi-energy systems with storage, discussing their specific strengths and when to use which. The viewer will gain an overview of different simulation paradigms that underlie the current state-of-the-art in multi-energy systems research.

SmILES-Webinar 2

Teaser Webinar Video "The PreCISE approach"

The PreCISE approach – make your simulations reusable, shareable and reproducible

Introducing the novel PreCISE approach: A method that allows you to document WHAT you are simulating, HOW you are simulating it, and WHY the simulation is used. Documenting and sharing in this way makes your simulations reusable, verifiable and aids development - especially when they are cross-domain or cross-specialty. PreCISE offers the unique advantage that it is independent of the user's modelling platform. Researchers and engineers will be now able to cooperate for example by combining models for planning and operation, thanks to our solution. It's open source and available for anybody.